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Our Capabilities

Machining Capabilities

Aeropact is equipped with the latest high-speed CNC machines capable of heavy workloads and fast, efficient metal removal ensuring accuracy and meeting all quality standards.

Salient Features

  • We produce long bed machined parts up to 50 inches long in aluminum, titanium, and all other aerospace metals.
  • The Latest HASS 4th axis capable machines are a powerful addition to our CNC arsenal. They enable all new kinds of machining and also make existing jobs run faster and requiring less setup.
  • Turnmills: These high precision CNC turning centers with C-axis capability and live tools, facilitate a variety of machining needs such as turning, milling, drilling, tapping etc.
  • CMM: The Coordinate measuring machine is one of the main fixtures of our product quality inspection.
  • Video Measuring Machine, helps us inspect small intricate features and perform non-contact measurements with ease.
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Machined Aluminum Parts


Spread across 2 acres with an airport and National Highway close by, Aeropact began with a 6,500 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. With ample room for growth, our facility is expandable up to 5 times its current size and capacity, allowing for the introduction of new machinery and new business opportunities. Our close proximity to the Highway and the Airport helps us to reduce our turnaround on finished products and minimize our costs.

Our manufacturing floor is specifically designed for optimal production, utilizing a cell manufacturing setup on the floor that can be arranged to meet the demands of any project. The location is adequately sized to accommodate both projects large and small.

Aeropact Metals
Aeropact Metals

Vertical Machining Center - Haas

  • Parts up to 50” inches long
  • 4 Axis rotary

Turn-Mill Center - Tsugami

  • Parts up to 8 inches diameter
  • C & Y axis with dual spindle

Aeropact is equipped with the latest high-speed vertical machining centers for effective, heavy metal removal rates, which ensure accurate production of precision machined parts. Using the best software in conjunction with new, stable, precise machinery is our secret to success.

Aeropact offers mill/turn capabilities, allowing us to create parts by turning, spline cutting, milling, and drilling all on one machine. The result is parts that are completed in one operation, producing a more reliable product than those manufactured on multiple machines. Mill/turn production reduces set-up time and manufacturing flow time, which makes Aeropact a competitive force in the marketplace.